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About Us

Hey friends!

This is Alina, I’m the creator of The Auralign Planner. And as a young woman who’s been passionate about holistic health and astrology, I loved getting organized and aligned with my goals at the beginning of every calendar and school year. But in university, I always wished I had a planner that could not only help me stay on track with my goals and schedule but also help me stay aligned with the seasons and astrological events going on at the same time.


After exploring all the astrology and planner apps, platforms, and blogs, in 2019 I sat down and started researching how to create my planner that could combine all of those services into the physical world. The first product was The Aligned Life Planner, an all-in-one planning system that helped me prioritize my goals and get clear on my desired habits while using the power of the cosmos and seasons for clarity & balance.


The Auralign Planner has debuted as the first product of its kind in the planner market. With a focus on using the seasons, the cosmos, and psychology to reach personal goals, this was created with self-improvement & reconnection to nature at its roots. And the results from this purchase will be immediate: clear action plans for your goals relative to the seasons, monthly new & full moon reflections on ways to improve performance, seasonal foods & habit information, and so much more.


The mission of The Auralign Planner is simple: help motivated people who already respect nature & the stars, stay more connected to it while manifesting their goals. I hope to inspire you to stay connected with mother earth and the cosmos while getting aligned with your greater purpose.


Happy manifesting!



Alina Brown FNTP Auralign Planner Founder

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